Our mission

SPIREN Ventures was founded in 2015 and is established in HK. Its mission is to market exclusive anti-ageing innovations that fulfil life-changing aspirations from HNWI, across Asia. 


VIP Anti-Ageing Market Access ( China )

SPIREN Ventures is embedded in a network with CEOs of top Anti-Ageing providers in China. We thrive in designing the optimal Access Model. 

Digital Marketing

Through this capability, we conduct all relevant digital marketing activities, inclusive of Application dashboard & analytics, social media marketing, mobile marketing…

Strategic Alliances

We design the value proposition, pre-select and engage top Anti-Ageing providers. We then determine the Business Model, negotiate and close strategic alliances.


A rapidly increasing number of Digital Health products are based on SaaS model. Set up a SaaS model in China is probably among the most challenging venture. Several barriers have to be understood and overcome, and among the most critical ones: the legal and evolving context, the server set-up and management.

SPIREN Ventures has acquired the exclusive rights of a Digital Health technology for a number of countries including China. This technology is based on a SaaS model. It has been successfully rolled out in China.