Case study I

Client Need

SPIREN HealthCare’s client, a mid-sized Pharmaceutical firm, listed, present in China for 10+ years, wanted to implement a new market strategy for its oncology portfolio, in China. The company commissioned SPIREN HealthCare to drive the execution of one major pillar of the market strategy: select a Strategic Commercial Partner, which would commercialize its oncology franchise.

SPIREN HealthCare’s Contribution.

Leveraging our extensive pharmaceutical and oncology expertise, in addition to our business experience with track records in China, we have led a joint team to ensure buy-in on the approach by key stakeholders. First and foremost, we have come up with a “long list”, then a “short list”. We have then engaged lead candidates and performed Due Diligence. We have led the negotiation with the lead company (a major Chinese company, listed) and supported the development and implementation of a Partnership Agreement.

Key outcomes for the client.

SPIREN HealthCare’s recommendation was fully endorsed by the Management Team and the Board of Directors. Both Parties have signed the Partnership Agreement. This is among the critical assets for the Client. Its oncology franchise is now repositioned in our client’s most strategic country.