SPIREN Ventures acquires the Exclusive Rights of a Digital Health technology, screening Heavy Metals, in China and India.

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d39e1b17-67c5-44f5-b7a2-f5417183076aBeijing (China), Paris (France), October 7, 2015 – SPIREN Ventures, a Commercialization Front Office, specialized in HealthCare, announces the acquisition of the Exclusive Rights of a non-invasive technology screening Heavy Metals, in China and India. This technology is comprised of a medical device and a Service as a Software (SaaS) model. It screens heavy metals and mineral deficiencies, and will be marketed in China under the brand Oligoscan® 欧立健™. Made in Europe, it has been granted CE mark, and ISO 13485 certificate.

Gaëtan de KERROS, Managing Director of SPIREN Ventures, adds up: “recent government initiatives, traditional and social medias have raised exceptional awareness around pollution particularly in China and India. This non-invasive and connected technology helps screen Heavy Metals as well as Mineral Deficiencies among a large population. It provides a comprehensive report which contributes to achieve a balanced nutrition and healthy life style”.

About SPIREN Ventures.

SPIREN Ventures is the latest initiative from SPIREN HealthCare. SPIREN Ventures aims at commercializing Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Digital Health products & services in China, India. With Medical Device, Pharmaceutical & Consumer Health industry EXPERTISE, EXPERIENCE track records in China, the team manages the whole commercialization. The company was founded in early 2015, is established in Hong Kong, and has offices in Beijing and Paris.

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SPIREN Ventures – Managing Director, Gaëtan de KERROS gdekerros@spirenhealthcare.com


  1. Dr Kalpana Shekhawat says:

    Hi I am looking to buy Oligoscan for my clinic in India, Delhi.
    can you please advise how to proceed.
    which is the nearest destination that it can be shipped from to me.

    Thank you